the thoughts in my head

I had a phone call in the last week of the holidays… from our new post adoption social worker. He called just as Boyo was bouncing round the living room, off one sofa to another, whilst shouting at the top of his voice…this clearly came across the phone line, because he wanted to see us asap. 

He came to see us last week… all of us, after Boyo had just completed his third day at school. He was in ‘fine’ spirits. Even with a stranger in the room, he could not sit still, he could not stop talking and needing to be the centre of attention. He had a meltdown (which is unusual in front of a stranger). 

We started the meeting knowing what we needed out of it – our other social worker had been in the morning, and we had chatted to her, and clarified a few things. We wanted agreement that he needed some different therapy and that we needed to look at whether one of us could reduce hours at work (even more in my case) or give up and what support there was available for that. We talked through the concerns we had, and how things had been over the six week holiday. 

He is coming back this week to look at things with just himself and I and chat a little more about what support there may be. We won’t be getting the therapy that we think we need… and if I give up work we won’t be able to afford it! He will chase CAHMS and see if he can get some more support for us from there. 

We have some pretty big decisions to make in the next few weeks. And if yesterday was anything to go by, the sooner the better. 


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2 Responses to the thoughts in my head

  1. adoptmum says:

    So hard when the support / therapy is not there or not right for the needs. Are you aware of the Adoption Fund? You may not be in right area. More info here

    Hope u get what you need x

    • newm says:

      Sadly we are not in the right area, but I do know someone who has applied and got what she needed, so hopefully when it rolls out, things will improve.

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