September’s nearly here…

I am pleased to report that we have survived the 6 week holiday…but it’s not entirely been smooth, and this week boyo has raised his anxiety levels to a new high…

Tomorrow my term starts. And yes I went back in July, but it was playing at work, not working. It’s nearly 14 months since I stood in front of a class.

Tuesday, boyo starts in his new school year.

He is anxious. Since we got back last Sunday, he has been becoming more and more anxious. We have had meltdowns aplenty and a lack of sleep. He has hit and kicked. He cannot hear. He has talked, shouted, screamed and made other random noises all work.

This morning hubby and I enjoyed (drank quickly) a cup of tea whilst he played (sorry emptied boxes of toys) in his bedroom. It was 7 o’clock. The entire house had been awake for 4 hours at that point…

I am now at the point I cannot wait until Tues, the anticipation has to be worse than the reality (it has to be). Thankfully I don’t work Tues so I will take and collect him. Tomorrow he goes to the childminder, who gets him thankfully.

Today we kept him entertained and mostly with just one of us…divide and conquer! He should be exhausted, long walk this morning, and lots of outdoor play including trampoline this afternoon. I am hoping tonight he sleeps, so we can too.

Change is never good…we are just hoping and holding our breath that we can all do this.

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2 Responses to September’s nearly here…

  1. Oh gosh hope you guys get some sleep tonight. Things are so much harder without sleep!

  2. izzwizz says:

    Good luck. Holding my breath for you too this evening. Hope you get a bit more sleep at least…

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