Overwhelmed describes boyo and us at the moment…

Boyo has been overwhelmed most of the summer holiday. He has been particularly overwhelmed the last few days whilst we have been away.

Travelling in the car overwhelms him, particularly when travelling on fast roads. The trip to and from Isle of Wight (we had to, to visit family) was too much. Too much for him, so consequently too much for us. I have had toys thrown, been kicked, juice splashed and unexpected wee.

Travelling anywhere he doesn’t know overwhelms him. It didn’t matter he knew the people we were going to see, he has been on super alert the whole time. Nothing has been achieved in a simple manner, we have had meltdown, followed by argument, followed by meltdown.

Consequently himself and I are now even more tired and feel even more overwhelmed.

We have been told to treat each symptom/ behaviour individually. But there is so much going on, and right now we have little professional support.

Are attachment difficulties causing autistic / Aspergers traits and ADHD traits…or is developmental? What about the motor skills, at 5 he still can’t hold a pencil firmly.

We are left saying ‘how do we help him?’ And ‘are we making things worse?’

So I start this week with some chasing up to do. And a week from now, the new school year starts, and I am properly back at work.

So overwhelmed is our word of the moment.

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1 Response to Overwhelmed…

  1. Sophia says:

    Oh sounds very stressful. Hope the routine of school help things improve a little. Just wanted to say well done for getting through today. Its not easy to parent when feeling overwhelmed yourself. Your doing your best and thats all anyone can ask.

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