A weekend away

I honestly have about 4 part written posts which I meant to finish this week, none of which are complete or ready to post…I am trying hard, but not being helped by Jelly having chicken pox, and Boyo sleeping worst than normal, due to Jelly not sleeping!

Last weekend we had the opportunity to stay the night at the open nest. We had a lovely time at the beach before we went, which is always a winner with our boy and meant they were relatively relaxed when we travelled somewhere we hadn’t been before!

We arrived and were shown around, and left to settle. Boyo was unsure about the fact that we were sleeping in two separate caravans, and he would have loved the one that himself and Jelly slept in. We spent our evening, introducing Boyo to some aspects of camping, cooking and eating outside (proper food not picnic). We walked and explored a little.

We lit a fire, which proved how much of a boy Boyo actually is. I am man, I will build fire….he helped Himself build it, and kept on collecting wood and handing it to Himself for the rest of the evening. We had marshmallows, although Jelly was not keen. We had supper. We relaxed and, we sang, because the boys and I always sing, and having a fire was just too much for me! We were checked up on, to make sure everything was alright, and we didn’t need anything.

We went to bed late, boyo and I followed our usual routine, and he was asleep within 15mins! He didn’t properly stir until after 7, which I was pleased with. Poor himself had more problems with Jelly, but another time, it would be me.

In the morning Boyo and I set out on an adventure, and had a little explore, before heading down to where Himself and Jelly were for breakfast. We had breakfast outside, and tidied our bits away.

We were invited to meet Amanda in the morning, so we did! Coffee was shared, we got to see some areas and understand some plans. We talked, the boys played (sorry to whoever had to empty that bath tub and tidy round the caravan!). It is always glorious to meet someone who gets it and understands, and has experience to share, especially someone who looks at my big boy and gets that he isn’t being difficult but he was anxious and could not stay still.

I am so glad we went, and we will visit again, hopefully for a bit longer next time. And to prove I listened… Yesterday we took advantage of my Mum, we’d planned to paint, but with a lack of sleep, we changed our minds. She still looked after the boys for 5 hours for us, and we pottered at some jobs and then went out for lunch, just Himself and me.

We came back from our weekend away relaxed, and feeling understood. This week has felt easier (even with the pox) because of it, it’s easier to be calmer when you are feeling calmer. Even with all the usual fallout from being somewhere ‘not home’ we have had a reasonable week.

So I need to say again, Thank you Amanda and Claudia for making us feel so welcome, and Thank you all those involved in the Open nest.

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3 Responses to A weekend away

  1. Oh it so lovely at the campsite isn’t it? We are going tomorrow for our second visit. So glad you had a good time. Thanks for sharing on #WASO

  2. Erin says:

    Sounds like a really fun time! Thank you for sharing it.

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