This has been our first full week of summer holidays…and we have survived. There were a few moments, but we have all survived with only a few tears, tantrums and shouting.

As always I have a plan… the summer holiday plan is a grid that fits onto an A4 sheet, which shows what we have to do (red), what we’ve planned to do (blue) and other ideas that we might do if we can (purple)… there is something on everyday, but thankfully as neither Boyo or Jelly can read, it doesn’t matter if we don’t do the blue or purple things. Red has to be done, and this week included…dentist appointment, swimming lesson and eye test at the hospital for boyo.

This week’s blue and purple were always a bit of a wait and see. I deliberately didn’t plan anything too big, because this week was always going to be difficult (I am hoping next week is better). We visited 4 different parks this week…once by ourselves and three different sets of friends for the others (school, SWAN and adopters). Each one was worthwhile, but the school friends one was the most difficult as it shows the glaring differences that there are, his friends are happy to run off and play, whereas Boyo needed to know where I was… and was mostly talking to parents not other children.

The SWAN meetup was a new one to all of us – although a familiar park. SWAN stands for Syndromes Without A Name. One of the parents at boyo’s school has a younger boy with medical needs, but when we were told about the possibility of genetic testing for boyo, and I was asking her about it, she recommended joining SWAN UK, which I did. I have asked for information and have received information. The meetup was an informal thing between local families – but it was lovely as I was able to chat to other parents who have children who have potential genetic issues and most particularly a lady whose child has sensory issues, and the information that she has been able to access.

And on Friday it was a local adopter meet up in a park, and whilst there weren’t lots of people there this week, there were some of loveliest people. Boyo after a difficult week, and nearly refusing to get in the car to go, managed to excel himself and be a true delight, which actually continued for the rest of the day.

I am hoping that this next week can include some more adventurous activities, I have several places that I would like to take them to.

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2 Responses to Outdoors…

  1. stickleberry says:

    Well done! You sound very organised.I do remember being a little more so when ours were little, just out of necessity! Now there is a little more choice involved, I try to let it flow a bit – usually with messy results. Hope the rest of your holiday is fun and productive.

  2. I love the idea of your colour coded charts, very orgainsed. I can completely understand about the meet up with school friends, when mine were younger I’d feel the same. One of my youngest son’s best friends now is a boy in his class with learning difficulties, the pressure to emotionally relate at his actual age isn’t there, so they get on really well.The SWAN UK thing sounds really useful too. Hope the rest of your holidays go to plan.

    Thanks for linking to #WASO

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