School…feeling calmer

So I had my meeting with boyo’s teacher for next year this afternoon…and I feel calm and reassured.

She has taken the information from reception, the information from the SENCO and random bits of info from the other yr1 teacher (who looked after him in nursery) and taken it home, studied it and got a picture of the boy. She has been into reception to meet them all, and spent some time with him and others. She has already picked up on some of his difficulties.

We sat, we chatted, she told me what she had planned…she has done his visual timetable already, plans on giving him 5 minute tasks followed by reward (play in sand, water, go outside etc), she has thought about where to sit him, where he can have calm down listening time. She has identified a possible problem whilst she has PPA time, and has come up with a way round it.

She has started to sort his strengths and weaknesses. We have between us and the SENCO agreed that trying to get him to blend sounds might not be the best way of getting him to read, but we have all agreed to get him to learn the letter sounds. His teaching assistants have been swapped over, so he gets the more motherly one in an afternoon (when he’s tired and needs persuading), and the more ‘no come on, you need to do this before that’ in a morning, which I have said, I think is a good thing.

We have talked about the things I need communicating, that when things change, he might say at school he is okay and understands, but it’s not necessarily true. We have talked about his lack of short term memory, so asking him to tell me something, does not work.

I am feeling listened to, but more importantly, I feel that his teacher has really tried to understand him, before he arrives in class. The SENCO and I have said for months that yr1 will be make or break for him, I am hoping that we see real progress, and that together we can make this work. Although I suspect that by the end of yr2 we will have a serious education, health, care plan in place.

Swimming continues in school time, but even better new teacher knows swimming teacher and business owner, so she sees that as an opportunity to share knowledge with how he is doing there, and how that can be utilised in school.

And a promise of no photos!

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3 Responses to School…feeling calmer

  1. Stix says:

    Sounds positive. Glad it’s made you feel better.

    Thanks for linking to #WASO x

  2. This all sounds incredibly positive. You must be feeling encouraged for the coming year. So glad to hear that everyone is taking notice!

  3. onroadtoadopt says:

    Sounds very positive – and hope that it does turn out to be so.

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