I’m sure I have lots of posts to write…just not sure where they are in my head! So for today…

* we are getting our adoptive families forum ( Need to say it again, thank you Councillor Ralph Berry.

* I managed to work my three weeks, we all just about coped! But it’s done, I’m nearly broken, the boys need a break…3 more days for boyo.

* the new windows are finished, the garage is nearly finished…and next weekend I will have a dining room again!

* I went to a fascinating meeting last week, lots to tell, just not yet. Except for the little cryptic comment, that once again it was proved how small our adoption world is.

* boyo is making progress, real progress, with some of his issues

* we have 6 glorious weeks until work/school (after wed) looms it’s head, we have plans, and some of them are exciting.

* Jelly is developing into an amazing character, who my mum informs me, reminds me a lot of me at that age…I think she is enjoying watching him wind me up!

* and finally we have nearly filled in the forms to adopt Jelly…just waiting for a few bits of information from his social worker.

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