And so we continue…

As a follow up to by last post. I am still angry, I am not forgiving the person responsible. But I have had a conversation with the head teacher, and I feel supported by other staff in the school.

Unlike Wed when I dropped my letter off, today I was calm enough to go into the office and ask to see the head. I also said that if she was too busy (because I needed it today) I needed to speak to deputy or one of assistant heads (SENCO) today. As the head wasn’t in her office, I left it that the office would phone me. Which they did about 20 mins later…

So this afternoon, having kept Jelly awake, we trudged down to school with me feeling sick. As we went, and as I planned Jelly went to sleep. I walked in and was seen and talked to by both of boyo’s TA’s. They are very different but totally wonderful ladies…and are utterly supportive, in everything. They are honest in their opinions, at times unprofessional in the best way. ‘I shouldn’t say this but…’ has been said by both of them this year. I only hope they move with him, or at least one of them does. The older of the pair, saw me and said ‘I know, and I can’t believe it…’ She also wished me good luck before I saw the head.

Whilst waiting in reception area, I was walked past by a variety if teachers (end of lunch), some of whom always stop to chat, some if whom smile as they walk by, and some who generally ignore me. One who generally says hello, stopped and chatted. One who usually smiles, stopped to ask if I was okay. And the SENCO saw me, and rolled her eyes and pulled a face! She did then come and speak to me about something totally irrelevant. I do get the feeling that they have been told not to mention what has happened to me.

But between them, they calmed me down. Because I had been feeling that I was turning into one of those parents that teachers love to avoid…always complaining, never happy, and they didn’t ignore me, or scowl at me!

So I went into the head’s office, having negotiated the obstacles with the pushchair. She started off having said her hellos with an apology, and the admission that an apology did not fix anything. She told me the remaining copies had been destroyed and replaced with a new photo. She told me that as soon as she had heard, she got hold of a copy and saw the offending photo and commented the same as I did, 7 staff photos with just staff, and 1 staff photo with a child and wondered what had gone on.

I get the impression that the teacher has been told in no uncertain terms what the head thought of her mistake. And believe me the head knows what a big deal this is, and more so now, as I have expressed my concerns. The head said in the end that she has to take responsibility…she is responsible as it is her name on the letterhead!

I acknowledged this, and I also acknowledged that she is picking up the pieces from previous head who didn’t see the need for these policies. There is only so much she can do in a year. This will not happen again, there is a proper procedure in place.

We moved onto happier topics. How delightful she finds boyo and the fact he will always stop and chat to her. And how she knows he will be the first person who talks to her when she goes into reception. And always asks about her whistle when she’s on yard duty.

We talked about next year. I have been told to write a list of all the things that have caused us issues this year, and take them to planned meeting with SENCO and new teacher. Head will tell them that she has told me to. And we will work through the list and see what can be resolved. I did tell the head that I still felt this was the best place for boyo to be.

I left feeling listened to and validated. She acknowledged my biggest concern and we have a partial solution. And the promise of better things all the way round.

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2 Responses to And so we continue…

  1. onroadtoadopt says:

    Glad to hear that things have moved a bit. Gives us reassurance as well.

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