Moments of fury…

I received a text today it went along the lines ‘not something that I want to tell you, but there is a clearly recognisable photo of boyo in the foundation stage parents handbook’

That would be the handbook that went home last night after the new parents meeting to all nursery and reception parents next year…that’s potentially over a hundred copies (don’t know how many actually went).

That would be boyo that they don’t have photo permission for.

That would be, it turns out, a photo of boyo with a teaching assistant on a page of staff photos where every other photo is just of the staff member.

To say I am furious is putting it mildly. I heard this news over 12 hours ago, and I am still fuming. At the time, when I started to think about it I started to shake.

We live in a town, that thinks it’s a village. People know people. It isn’t 6 degrees of separation, it is 2. If you don’t know someone, the likelihood is, you will know someone who does.

My boy’s birth families don’t live locally. But we know that they know people who do. And boyo is completely boyo, you look at him, and know it’s him, and he looks like his birth siblings, and he looks like Jelly’s birth siblings. I have a photo of one of Jelly’s brothers and it could have been boyo.

It could easily be , that one of the people who knows the boy’s families now has a photograph of boyo sitting in their house, with the school clearly identified.

And whilst I am not overly bothered by boyo’s birth mum, the families know the boys are together. And Jelly’s birth parents aren’t so benign, and potentially they could find out the school that boyo is at and I take Jelly to, to drop off and pick up from.

Am I worried? yes I am

So this afternoon the women responsible phoned me up, to apologise. I didn’t accept her ‘sorry’. This is the latest in a series of niggles and mistakes this women has made. I told her I appreciated the phone call, but that I was still going to complain to head teacher and copy the chair of governors in.

Thankfully, I know one of the governors well, that village thing again. They had a meeting tonight, to which she has taken my letter. The person who let me know, has spoken to another governor who happens to be an adopter himself.

So right now I wait. I was glad I was working and didn’t have to collect boyo as I could not have spoken to the women responsible today. Hopefully I won’t have to see her until Fri, by which time I might have some higher level resolution. Either that, or I might have calmed down.

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5 Responses to Moments of fury…

  1. izzwizz says:

    It’s unforgivable and almost impossible for them to put right now. If you can bear it, I am sure it is worth pursuing if only so they don’t make the same mistake ever again…

  2. Sezz says:

    Grrrrrr. I’m angry for you.

  3. I’m seething on your behalf, and I know how you feel. Mini’s photo was published on his school website last year, the only way we could get the school to recognise how serious it was, was to report it as a child protection issue to their governers and the LA. It was taken down within 24 hours, which in my view was 24 hours too long. I hope your school takes it more seriously than ours did….we ended up moving to a different school.

    Thanks for linking up to #WASO

  4. onroadtoadopt says:

    I was furious when I saw it as you know, but hopeful now things are being put in place to prevent it happening again. Glad the governors understood the problem … and precisely how serious it was.

  5. Tonny says:

    My school has majorly messed up twice, my son had his picture in the paper after being chosen to meet the Mayor when the new school library was opened, they also put confidential information about children in my son’s class, which in my son’s case stated that he is adopted, in envelopes addressed to the wrong children!!!!! Frightening how often this sort of stuff happens!

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