Outdoors = happy boys

In our house we love the outdoors…anytime of the year, you will find us out there. We have full waterproofs for rain, factor 50 suncream for the red headed one in summer, wellies, walking boots and trainers. We are outdoor people.

I still laugh when I look back and remember an early conversation with our SW…’I think you are boy people’ she told us, all our experience was with girls. And in another meeting ‘my boys are like dogs, as long as they get walked twice a day they are happy’. I didn’t realise at the time, how right she was.

Because she was right. We love nothing more than being outdoors. Admittedly today’s outdoor trip to a classic car rally was more in everyone’s taste than mine (but it is Father’s Day). Yesterday involved a BBQ, again outside and lots of families we know well, all mixing and playing together.

Boyo dislikes rainy days at school intensely. Trying to find an adult who will let him outside to run can become hard work if it’s pouring down. Thankfully, his afternoon TA gets his need and has a huge umbrella!

We live in a beautiful part of the world. 2 minutes walk from our house is an area known as ‘the bank’ (part cliff, part old quarry, part steep hillside). All sorts of adventures happen there (I don’t think I’ll tell my boys about sledging there just yet) and there are rocks to climb, trees to climb and hide amongst, a beck (small stream) to jump across. And two thirds of the way along (about 45mins at 2yr old pace) the bank there is a path which leads to my mum’s house. At the end there is the Glen, a grassy, rocky patch of moorland, leading onto the moor.

And been outdoors is our survival technique. If things are going badly inside, one or both of us will take boyo for a walk. The beauty if having a dog, is that she always needs a walk, no matter who is visiting. The freedom to walk jump, chase, pick leaves, spot mini beasts, pick up slugs (boys are grim), climb rocks, this is what makes boyo happy, and a happy boyo generally means a calmer boyo. (This doesn’t always work!)

So yes, when I say, the great outdoors, I truly mean it. The outdoors is amazing!

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