A beautiful day!

Today was a day to forget our woes, a beautiful sunny day just begging to be enjoyed! We’d planned an outing based on the weather that has been prevalent this week (wet!), but woke up this morning after about 3 hours sleep and neither of us wanted to go far or inside. We have annual membership of a local (about 15 miles away) stately house, which has big grounds for walking, a bird garden and an adventure playground as well as the house.

I suggested this option to himself, who agreed. Told boyo where we were going ‘can we take a football?’ was his immediate response. I did lunches, drinks and sorted a change bag, and off we went. No more planning than that needed….

We had a lovely time, in contrast to the last few days. We had a plan, we were out and we were somewhere familiar. We ran, we tiptoed over bridges so as not to wake any trolls, we watched himself walk over some stepping stones…we spotted colours, we spotted birds. Boyo laughed his head off when a penguin splashed him. We climbed, slid, & swung. We had a picnic, we had ice creams, we had a tantrum or two.

But we had a lovely time. A day to remember, lots of laughter, fun and smiles. A good day to finish the holidays on, giving hope for the six week holidays, that things will be okay and we will enjoy ourselves!

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1 Response to A beautiful day!

  1. I totally agree that when you have a plan the day, in general, goes a lot better. We’ve just had a very unstructured half term and it did feel a little painful by the end. Ok for one week but not six! The place you visit sounds lovely I wonder where you went?

    Thanks for sharing on #WASO

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