Our Best Moments This Week

So the theme at WASO this week, is ‘Our best day this week’, sadly it hasn’t been that sort of week! But there have been moments of loveliness, so I shall share those instead. 

On Thursday, we were visited by two mums & their adopted boys… one of these is a regular visitor to our house, the other it was the first time they had come. I had lined up an escape for boyo if he found it too hard (he has found a lot too hard this week), but in the end it wasn’t needed. The first time visitor to our house has a little boy, smaller than Jelly, and Boyo spent much of the afternoon following round small visitor, and checking he was okay. Then over tea he continued to talk about our visitors, wondering if they were home, and whether they were happy! 

Saturday brought a long promised treat for boyo. Where he has his swimming lessons has diversified and now has a sensory room as well as a pool. When he does really well in his lesson, he is often invited into the room (unless it’s in use) by the owner to see the latest bit that has been brought…. he has pestered for ages for a proper play, and this weekend brought that treat. Once he was over his been overwhelmed, he had a lovely time thank you, and actually sat on a huge beanbag for over 5 minutes without moving, just staring at some lights. 

But my favourite moment this week, has happened this evening. Although he was going upstairs in a bad mood, because ‘I am not tired, I am not ready for bed’ was been challenged, when we got upstairs and he got into bed, we curled up together, and he was telling me all the things he had done that he liked today…and slowly he wound down and drifted off to sleep…but not without ‘I love you, Mummy and I love Daddy, we are together for always’. 

Slowly, slowly the words are sinking in, slowly, slowly he is getting it. There is time, and hope. 

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