An adoptive parents forum

You might remember that a couple of months or so ago I blogged about our support group and the visit by the lead member of our local council for children and how he had listened to our stories and the problems encountered locally for adoptive parents. We did offer some solutions, some easier to implement than others.

One of the key issues that we have as a group, is that we have no voice, no one is listening to us, learning from our experiences. No-one is attempting to make other lives easier based in what we are living. Each of us, is having to battle the same things with health, schools, post adoption support and therapeutic support. But surely we shouldn’t have to be having the same battles, surely something should be in place to inform these areas.

This weekend came confirmation of something that had been talked about as a response to our discussion that evening. An adoptive parents forum! Have a look and see what you think…this is the post that the lead member for children blogged in Fri…

I can’t help but be positive. This could be the start of something good happening, and alongside the little group that we have looking at life story work, there are good things happening in our corner of the adoption world. Fingers crossed that it brings forth good things!

These are the original posts:

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5 Responses to An adoptive parents forum

  1. onroadtoadopt says:

    So hoping that this all comes to fruition. As yet we’ve not experienced the problems of many but we know it may come and knowing that the support will be there is great.

  2. Excellent! Let us know if we can be of help. we have a good working model with parents and SW represented in a small working group (4-5 people) meeting quarterly to discuss the interface adopters/sw/pas. we discuss training, PAS, schools etc. And hope this is just the beginning.
    We are in North London and work with NorthLondon Adoption Consortium. I am confident that our sws wouldn’t mind talking to your sws about what we do. Anything we can do to help! Just shout! πŸ™‚
    You can email us on or contact us via the website
    We are low tech, low key, low cost (aiming for free). But very friendly. πŸ™‚

    • newm says:

      Many thanks for this. I will pass these details onto our coordinator and I am sure she will be in contact. This is being organised top down in some respects…from the lead on the council, having heard directly what adopters had to say. No-one is entirely sure of how and when, but it is coming!

  3. And we are bottom up. Good old fashioned grass root stuff. πŸ™‚ we’ll meet the SWs in the middle. And yes please do pass our details. We are only 1 year in, and only 5 months in with working with NLAC, but we have already learnt a lot. Fingers crossed for you and your group.

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