Hello, can I have a word?

A conversation – or at least my side of it…

Yes boyo is 5. Yes, I know that he shouldn’t be doing that at 5. But the thing is…

Oh, sorry, you wanted to tell me that he should be able to listen longer, yes I agree, it would be nice if he could concentrate for longer, but if I could just explain, the thing is…

Oh, yes I agree it would be lovely if he could write his name, but he has learnt to write a ‘B’ (actually not a B, but you get the point). Yes I know that x and y are younger than him and they can write their name, but actually …

Sorry, I didn’t realise that you needed him able to be able to cut with scissors, perhaps next time if you let me know in advance I can make sure that there are scissors he can use.

Yes I do understand that there were scissors for him, but he can’t…

No, it wasn’t won’t but ca…

Yes, I realise that k and l can do that, but…

Oh, we’re back to that are we, yes it would be lovely if he could just sit and listen and not interrupt, but he …

Sorry, yes he will turn round if he hears a door open, he doesn’t feel safe and …

Yes, I understand that if he turns round it makes others turn around, but he needs…

I am sorry, I will have a word with him, but if I could just explain that…

Oh, you need to go now do you, perhaps we could arrange a time to talk.

No, you feel like you have talked enough, I really could do with a few minutes to explain…

Oh, okay, bye then.


If only people would listen and hear… not just keep talking! And yes I was interrupted and never able to say, boyo is amazing and wonderful and if you could only walk in his shoes for an hour, you would be stunned at what he can do, and stop focussing on what he can’t. 


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5 Responses to Hello, can I have a word?

  1. izzwizz says:

    That’s one teacher you could do without by the sounds of it. So frustrating!

  2. honeymummy says:

    I found myself nodding while reading your post. Some people just refuse to see the child rather than their attainment levels. These kind of conversations are definitely one thing I don’t miss – since removing Buzz from school and home educating him, I get the opportunity each day to document all the wonderful things he can do without him permanently feeling that he doesn’t measure up to his peers.

  3. frogotter says:

    Argh! That post brought back so many awful memories.
    I’m hoping this wasn’t a typical interaction, but, if it was, at least you get a new teacher in September. Hoping you get a great one, who takes the time to listen and actually makes use of all your experience and wisdom!
    Honestly, as long as you get to tell Boyo how much he’s achieved, it probably doesn’t matter if you tell anyone else.

  4. Gem says:

    Oh my goodness, how frustrating was that? This as a teacher? I’m disgusted on your behalf!

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