Heart shattering

I’ve heard several bits of news in the last couple of days that have made my heart ache.

Yesterday a teacher was stabbed and killed at a school in Leeds. A school where I did teaching practise, and a teacher who always went out of her way to make you feel welcome. My heart paused, for her, for her family and for the school. It’s a good school in a difficult area, but a good, caring, happy school.

In the car I was listening to an interview with a pupil, who said it had been silent at that school today. There was no rushing, bustling life, just pupils and staff being together. I cannot imagine the pain the school is feeling. My heart aches for them all.

Last week, I found out that an old friend of mine’s wife had, had her prognosis altered. She knew, we knew, that her cervical cancer was going to limit her life. But it changed last week from months, to days. Today she breathed her last. And my heart breaks for those left behind. I didn’t know her well, her husband was a teenage friend, and life parted our ways, whenever we saw each other we spoke, but we weren’t close like we had been. My heart aches for those who loved her.

I found out today, a friend’s marriage is ending. There is nothing that can help. My heart aches for them both.

And so this evening, I am beyond grateful, I have my life, I have my other half, we have our boys. We are fit and well. Our family unit is tight. And no matter how difficult it is, we are a family who will move forward and onwards.

Give your family whoever they are, an extra hug tonight. And feel your heart love them all more.

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2 Responses to Heart shattering

  1. So many hugs. Your post has left me teary-eyed.

  2. There have been some very hard stories on the news recently – I, too, was tearful when I heard about the teacher, even though I had no personal connection. Such a good reminder to value and treasure what we have.

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