Things we do…plan, plan and plan some more


The photograph shows our plan for this and next week. You will notice that not everyday on the white paper has something written in, I only write down the things we know we have to do. The green piece of paper is the list of different things that boyo have thought of…there is more there than we can do in two weeks, but there is because some things are wet weather things.

I have to start the holidays knowing that I can occupy boyo every second of every day…he cannot just play, not because I don’t let him, I’d love for him to just play, but he does not know how. If I can give him 100% attention he will play, but otherwise he can’t do it.

I leave the days blank unless there is something we have to do, because we aren’t then changing plans. We choose over breakfast what we want to do, and because we have a list, we don’t have to think too hard! We may revisit the list during the day, as we need to. When we’ve finished a day, I’ll often write on what we have done…it gives a reminder to boyo about what we have done and what we haven’t.

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