Things I didn’t expect this week….

To meet Iron Man (at a birthday party)

For boyo to be given a balloon turtle

Our social worker to contact me to say she was ill and not coming to the LAC review.

To be told boyo’s eyesight is becoming even, and the end of patches are in sight.

To spend nearly two hours talking to the prospective adopters of Jelly’s siblings.

To hear about a missed opportunity.

To agree to run a twitter account for the local adoption support group (just need a twitter name now…all suggestions welcome)

To have brought – paint, paint stripper, a sandblaster, a new vacuum, a new part for the tumble dryer and some bits for the kitchen as well

To have started decorated boyo’s bedroom

To have even less sleep than normal… what goes on in that head of his?

To have almost finished cleaning the kitchen (don’t worry I clean it regularly, sadly the people who lived here before didn’t and therefore there was ground in grease)

Nearly witness a car crash – saw a car speed past, heard a crash, came upon said car and another car…it’s not as straight forward as it first seemed either.

To give a police witness statement.

I’m hoping next week, is a little quieter, calmer and cheaper!

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