We’ve moved….

So there was a reason for the silence, both on here and on twitter…several weeks of chaos, resulting in us being in our new house, where himself and I intend to life for a very long time.

There were people who thought we were mad for moving, and in some respects they may have been right, but our new house is lovely with the potential to be gorgeous, but most importantly room and space to play. Boyo and Jelly are running around enjoying the space both inside and out.

Everywhere needs work, the windows are single glazed, the garage isn’t secure (vital when you have a car that must be garaged). The decor dates from a decade or two ago, as does the kitchen and bathroom. The dirt is scary and ground in. The house hadn’t been hoovered when the sellers moved out, there was dust everywhere (particularly galling as I had spent ages cleaning our old house).

And the boys…it was hard moving the boys, harder than I can explain. Boyo was with us for the whole of moving day, which helped him because it reinforced he was with us for the long haul. But at several times in the last couple of weeks he has completely lost it when I haven’t been able to give him the attention he craves, or haven’t been instantly able to find the exact toy that he wants. He also hasn’t slept a full night in his bed bare the first one (he was exhausted).

Jelly is at an investigating everything stage. For our sanity he went out for the day when we moved, with one or other of us visiting him every couple of hours. He had a really bad first night, but has calmed down. Except for the stage he is going through of trying to climb, explore, discover, everything and therefore is trying my patience…I have lost count of how many times I have put the remote controls away, moved some toys, or put a pack of wipes back into my bag. Unfortunately for him I have the ultimate answer…when I am unable to watch him every second he has to go into the travel cot, which is also been used as a convincing barrier to keep him our kitchen when I’ve been cooking.

Hopefully now things are unpacked (mostly), I will be able to post more regularly. And engage with twitter properly. And generally resume life. We shall see…

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