I have lots I ought to say… however a 3 day virus has driven all rational thought our of my head. And a impending move… this time next week, I’ll have no internet (argh) except my phone!

And that impending move is driving us all to distraction. Wisely himself and I decided to pay someone to come in and pack most of our belongings… this will be easier. However, I still have to clean thoroughly as the family buying our house will at some point interact with us again (in more than one way).

And we have boyo… that happy, well adjusted child, who has suffered no trauma or damage from the moves in his life. Oh no wait, that’s how my in-laws see him. Apparently all we have to do to calm him down, is to tell him that he’ll be okay and not to be silly. Boyo has regressed, he is terrified, last time he moved, he left his foster carers and came to our house. He went for a walk with himself and the dog earlier and held hands all the way ‘incase Daddy blew away’. He needs constant contact, needs to know what we are doing. We know and understand why, but it is hard, to draw breathe and stay calm.

Up until this weekend, boyo had been quite calm, once he had his head around the fact we are moving… bigger house, bigger garden and the promise of a climbing frame. But now he’s finished school and the date is approaching fast. Himself and I are changing things, and doing things that we don’t normally do. And he needs to know that we know he is there.

So wish us luck this week, I need to do more cleaning, and himself is at work. But we will manage and next weekend, we will be at our new home.

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