Meet Jelly

If it seems odd to start with my littley, let me explain. Little sleep last night, means he needs his nap, but feeling poorly means he wants me…so he is presently curled up next to me, on my (and himself’s) bed.

So Jelly is 20 and 1/2 months old. When awake (and not tired or ill) he is full of life and joy. He rarely stops, just plays and goes until he is tired, hungry or thirsty when he will seek out himself or me. He has at the minute a preference for me as I spend a lot more time caring for him, and with boyo it is difficult to find chance for himself to solo care for Jelly.

Jelly came into our lives in Aug, although we did cheat and meet him prior to that. There were reasons, I promise, but it isn’t how things are done. We have had our second review, everyone agrees things are going well.

Jelly is ‘reaching his milestones’ mostly. He is starting to talk, and understand what is said to him…although he is happy to pretend at times he doesn’t. He is starting to use a spoon, and get some food in his mouth. His walking and running has suddenly come on, whereas a month ago he was pottering, now he runs and so do I.

He is showing a real character, which is a so imagine typical for a young boy, full of mischief and getting into trouble. But he is gentle and loves to cuddle. We have recently learnt that he does ‘ill’ well, if he ain’t happy there is no chance that anyone else will be.

It’s wonderful to be his mum, an adventure awaits…to join with our other adventure. I’m looking forward to getting to know the boy more.

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